To be successful pick a franchise business that you’ll enjoy To be successful pick a franchise business that you’ll enjoy
This Filipino couple decided to give a Skids franchise a go and loved it so much they have bought three more … To be successful pick a franchise business that you’ll enjoy


This Filipino couple decided to give a Skids franchise a go and loved it so much they have bought three more …

This is a Pinoy success story with a difference. Most immigrants may not want to consider franchising as their first choice of a career path when they’ve just landed in a new country. A steady job with a good employer would be the preferred choice.

In the case of Ian and Angela Ramos they picked the former option – they’ve taken a plunge into the world of franchising and have never looked back.

According to some business advisers franchising may well be one of the safest and most risk free ways to start up and run a successful business. But which franchise, you might ask? The short answer is – invest in a franchise that you will enjoy. Only then will you be motivated to learn more about the product or service and become an expert in the business.

The Ramos went through this learning curve and because they really enjoyed their work are now successful multiple Skids franchisees.

Their story goes back to 2010 when the pair first came to this country. “Angela began her journey with Skids in late 2011 with two other Filipino partners,” says Ian Ramos. “They took over Skids Henderson Valley at the start of 2012.

“Seeing how Skids allowed Angela to be both a stay at home mum and a working mum, we decided to start a family business by investing in another Skids site,” explains Ian. “As we are based in West Auckland, when Skids Holy Cross became available we believed that it would be a wise investment. The significant number of Filipinos in the school community made the decision easier.”

In March 2014 Ian was made redundant from his full-time employment as a Motion Graphics Designer/Editor in a music TV channel in Parnell. Instead of him looking for a new job they decided to expand the family business by not just investing in a third Skids site, but also in a whole new Skids area. Their husband and wife team then became area franchisees of Skids Kumeu, which now operates in Riverhead and Taupaki schools.

According to Chris Bartels, a Director of Skids, their franchise owners come from all backgrounds – from education, sports and recreation to customer-facing or service-based industries, to name a few. “But what they all share in common is a passion for children and a desire to drive the success of their own businesses.”

The Ramos did not have a childcare or education background. “Ian comes from the creative and design industry, while I used to manage corporate events in the Philippines,” says Angela.

“We do enjoy this work. Quite honestly, it doesn’t feel much like work. We enjoy being with the children as well as working with our amazing staff. As we manage a total of four sites and are now working on the fifth it is a full-time commitment. With the help of our very reliable team of 18 staff, composed of programme managers, programme assistants and casuals, we look after an average of 120 children each afternoon.

“We love this business so much because it allows us the time to enjoy the important things in life such as spending more quality time with our three children, especially our youngest – who has special needs.

“There is also a sense of fulfilment, knowing that we are able to provide a quality service to more than a hundred families in our community. Through what we do parents and caregivers are able to work with the assurance that their children are safe and happy in our care.”

It’s obvious when you speak to the Ramos that their work is not a chore or just a means to make ends meet. They love what they do and their work has become an integral part of their lives.

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